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Poster: Reade Date: Apr 17, 2010 9:15am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: disappointing

And let's not miss another quote from Jerry in the same article link posted:

"My feelings towards all that shit was that I should have never, ever, opened my mouth to anybody, ever, at anytime in my life."

There's always the risk of trying to put too fine a point on comments made. (The world has changed a great deal as several have pointed out).
Some here may remember in 1970 or so there was a huge thing around 'music should be free,' that performers who charged money for performing were ripping people off.
The 'Festival Express' film documents this perfectly. In fact there's a scene in which Jerry is passionately addressing the matter to someone (who is off camera). He's refuting the idea thar rock musicians were getting rich, were ripping everybody off, should be performing for free as a public service as a result, etc., etc.

He's painitng with a broad brush here and simply saying that the idea that it's wrong for professional musicians to make money for playing music is nonsense.

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Poster: William Tell Date: Apr 17, 2010 12:09pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: disappointing

Yeah, it is harder and harder for me to retain the 60s era Jerry (as I did in my other posts here). Again, as I pointed out, I think if you want to split hairs (as I always do), you could imagine Jerry was able to distinguish "we get paid to play (tickets), and we get paid for albums (tapes, CDs, whatever), and that's all we need--BUT we need it!" and then retain the OTHER quote we often quote as standing (ie, that he had no problem with the tapes--maybe even SBDs?), but I know it looks less and less likely he'd split that hair too...but, we just don't know.

A point I often raise, and that I think our own Phil Lesh would agree with, BBarlow too, is that we still don't know the degree to which free SBDs diminish the returns on all other commercial products.

I know we have debated it, and some say "I won't buy it if I have a crispy SDB" but many do (me, many others). IE, each time an early era RT or whatever is released.

So, the Jerry of the 60s, MIGHT, just might say, "ahah! showering them with slightly subpar SBDs does two things: creates amazing good vibes for one and all, AND in fact increases demand for the fine tuned/extra good commercial releases".

These are the "data" I constantly lament are unavailable; I have read a number of scholarly tomes, not on the DEAD, but on DL/torrenting/etc in which the conclusion has been bands that take a hard line against all of this sharing HURT their profit margin...but we just have a bunch of speculation...

I know, I know--me hoping against hope...